Comedy gold for cafe watchers in Spain's Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol as police present a fine show

Comedy gold struck for cafe watchers in Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol as police continue to bust residents with a fine show

A packed cafe on Spain’s Costa del Sol was treated to some comedy gold whilst taking a brew and a bite to eat at Scoffers Cafe in Fuengirola.

The action-packed afternoon of comedy was presented by the local police as they continue to patrol the area ensuring current restrictions and regulations are enforced in the battle of the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus.

The first episode of comedy took place for the cafe users as a tourist sat in the ice cream store next door got up to leave and had clearly forgotten his mask, as he shouted to his wife who had left before him at a high volume ” Where’s my mask, give me my mask, wait for me” unfortunately the words were understood by a passing policeman who swooped on the unmasked tourist as his wife turned around with his mask holding it out”

More police arrived at the commotion, parking in the disabled bay in front of the cafe, as the cafe users started signing “Let him off, Let him off, Let him off” as they were in high spirits celebrating a birthday party for local entertainer Ricky Lavazza.

Banging the beat to “Let him off!”

The police though took no notice of the baying crowd watching and lent against the car to fill out the 100 euro fine forms despite the pleas from the offender who was trying to point out that he had left the ice cream parlour to actually call his wife for his mask.

Although matters go worse for the furious tourist who after getting overheated in fury, pulled out a cigarette and lit it as he stood outside the cafe waiting for his ticket, another cop came over and booked him for smoking!

Watchers couldn’t believe what was happening in front of their eyes and had shouted to the tourist not to lite his ciggie but it was too late.

Feeling sorry for the now double fined offender, cafe owner Scott Mcgregor took him out a large beer on the house and offered him a table, which the offender took shaking his head whilst looking at his two fines as the police car pulled away from the disabled parking bay.

Although that was not to be the end of the comedy gold, as anyone knows who’s been to Spain’s Fuengirola, parking in August is at a premium and finding a parking space is a nightmare, and it wasn’t long before a motorist with a packed car of lads pulled into the disabled space left by the police.

The group of French Morrocan’s descended from the high powered AMG sports car, totally unmasked and headed to the beach opposite, whilst the first double offender shouted: “Look at them!”  as he shook his head further and the packed cafe watched on.

It wasn’t long though before 2 policemen on scooters pulled up behind the high powered sports car and started booking it for being in the disabled bay, with no driver insight they called up the Grua (towaway truck).

As the truck arrived, the group of lads ran over from the beach protesting their innocence citing they didn’t know it was a disabled bay as they had seen a police car pull out of the space and claiming the bay was not clearly masked.

What the group of six had forgotten though as they rushed to the car in an attempt to stop it being towed away – was again to put on their face masks that were now on their elbows and the police booked all 6 100 euros each for the offence, whilst other officers arrived demanding to see paperwork for the car, as they did the checks the furious huddled group of 5 walked away from the car, whilst the driver dealt with the details, and yes, decided to have a smoke, with all 5 yet again getting booked for the offence.

Tempers started to boil over, especially when the police decided the car was going to the pound anyway, despite the return of the driver.

Scoffers Cafe user, Joe Prothero said: You couldn’t make this up, they collected within 30 minutes nearly I would guess a thousand euros in fines but I have to admit it was funny to watch, the Cafe was packed for my dads birthday and was in stitches”

“I did feel bad for the first offender though and it was very harsh, he had only taken about 5 steps and was calling to his wife for his mask, he though had actually alerted the police”

Scoffers Owner Scott Watches On In Amazement


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