British national PARENTS living on Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca face JAIL according to Spanish Judge

British national parents residing as ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca face jail time if they don’t return their children to school in September

As the second wave of Coronavirus sweeps through Spain whilst schools prepare to return in September, causing much concern to British nationals residing mainly on the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca, parents have been stating in their hundreds that they are not prepared to return their children to school, fearing for their safety, although now a judge has stated if they don’t they could possibly face jail time in Spain.

A judge in the Contentious Chamber of the Higher Court of Justice of Murcia and national spokesperson for Judges and Judges for Democracy, explains that “parents have the obligation to take their children to receive an education. For this reason, those who encourage truancy face jail time, fines and in the worst of cases, the loss of parental authority”.

It’s reported that in the Spanish penal code, jail sentences can be issued for 3 to 6 months in a Spanish jail for failing to ensure children do not attend school.

There are many arguments at present in Spain as to whether children should be returning to school during the second wave of Coronavirus by Spanish ministers. Although hundreds of parents feel the safety of their children comes first before education.

“They can say what they want, do what they want but my kids are not returning to school here in Spain whilst the country has the second wave of COVID” Bill Neale told Global247news on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

“How judges can come out with this announcement beggars belief. Although I personally think its scare tactics to force kids back,” he said.

Another concerned parent of a teenage boy in Benidorm, Michel Donne said: “When we have a second wave and ministers not even in agreement that it’s safe – then there is no way my lads going back to college at present. It’s already been proven its the younger generation causing the spread of the virus.  That’s why they have shut down the night clubs. A school will be exactly the same in my opinion. Children and teenagers grouped together in large classrooms and playgrounds is not going to be safe. I totally refuse to send him back, I will return to the UK if it comes to it”

“I can’t see that happening though, possible fines maybe but jail terms – getaway. It’s scaremongering, the judge feeds it to the media and they report it to the media to scare parents. It’s shameful really, but let’s see”

September is a very crucial month for Spain. Schools returning being a major factor as many believe that it could accelerate the second wave of the deadly virus.

It’s felt by hundreds of ex-pats living in Spain, that the country is sending the children far too early. It certainly seems a strange decision when the country is currently closing down anything to do with teenage gatherings.



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