Waterspout phenomenon filmed by tourist in Suffolk

Residents and tourists in Southwold, Suffolk spotted a waterspout moving across the sea on Friday.

Lisa Wroe, a 49 year old tourist from Flint, Wales managed to catch the amazing sight on video. Ms Wroe told the PA news agency that she had been sitting by the pier when the sky turned very dark and she heard thunder in the distance.

She said that when she looked out to sea it appeared to be cloudy, but then she noticed the sea being churned up under what looked like a big arrow pointing down from the sky.

She went on to say that lifeguards then cleared the beach, probably as a precaution, then it started pouring with rain. She watched as the tornado moved across the horizon but, thankfully, not inland.

In a statement the Met Office said that these types of phenomenon are known as funnel clouds. The two classifications of such weather conditions are known as a waterspout if they touch water and tornado’s if they touch land.

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