Jacob Blake had a weapon and attacked police sources claim

Cops in Kenosha, Wisconsin allege Blake ‘forcefully fought’ with officers, putting one of them into a headlock.

The Kenosha Professional Police Association have released a statement Saturday detailing officers’ perspective of moments leading up to Jacob Blake’s shooting.

The statement also says officers twice shot Tasers at Blake but these failed to subdue him.

Blake, a black man from Kenosha, was shot seven times by police last Sunday.

A 20 second clip of the incident went viral and Blake is said to be paralysed from the waist down.

Accounts say he had come to break up an argument but was wounded by police in front of his children.

The shooting has sparked more outrage and protests across America with sports teams such as the NBA basketball even walking off of court before their games in protest.

But the Kenosha police stand by their account from their officers.

The police union statement, emailed Friday to NPR, says “most” narratives about the shooting “are wholly inaccurate” and “purely fictional,” including information from Blake’s attorneys.

The union also says a statement released by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation, the agency leading the investigation into the police shooting, is “riddled with incomplete information.”

However, one of Blake’s attorneys, Ben Crump, has described the police union’s account as ‘overblown’.

Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey has been named as the officer who shot Blake and Crump has demanded he be arrested, though the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, who leads the state Justice Department, said in a statement Friday evening that the agency is trying to conduct an impartial investigation and can neither confirm nor deny the union’s version of events.

No arrests of police have been made yet and Blake is recovering in hospital.




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