Wales and Scotland introduce Portugal Quarantine

The second wave of corona virus continues to surge across Europe, with Portugal becoming the latest country to report a rise in cases, sparking fears it may be added to the government’s quarantine list.

Figures published yesterday by the Portuguese government show that  the country recorded 399 new cases, an increase of more than a third on the previous Friday.

The UK government warns that any country sustaining a level above 20 new corona virus cases per 100,000 citizens over the course of a week is likely to be stripped of quarantine exemption.

The Iberian country was only added to the UK’s low-risk list last Saturday but has now seen the highest daily total of new cases since July 12 which now stand at 16.4 per 100,000 people over the past seven days.

British travelers are still intent on visiting the Algarve with Jacob Christopher a 34 year old tax inspector from Cardiff due to travel next week telling Global247 news that “I’m looking forward to my trip to the Algarve with my partner Thomas Stevens. We’ve saved up all year for this and the covid-19 rate is much lower in Portugal than in the UK so why are the government thinking about stopping us going.”

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