Australian Zoo saves the life of an orphaned baby koala

Veterinary staff at the Werribee Open Range Zoo near Melbourne, Australia have managed to save the life of an orphaned koala Joey after it’s mother was killed in the wild by a dog.

The baby, who was 6 months old and weighing just 400 grams, was bought to the zoo by a registered wildlife carer who had rescued it.

The Zoo have named her Mini and said that as Joeys depend on their mothers warmth in the pouch to survive, her life was in a “precarious” position.

Staff have provided her with round the clock care, using a makeshift woolen pouch for her and feeding her a milk supplement. Mini is now strong enough to be returned to the carer who will hand-rear her until she gets to three or four kilograms, at which stage she will be released back into the wild in South West Victoria where she was found initially.

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