Study says the chance of children dying from coronavirus is 'tiny'

A new study suggests, the number of children who get severe coronavirus is ‘rare’ and death is ‘vanishingly rare’.

In one of the largest studies in the world, researches examined researchers examined the characteristics of young people admitted to hospital and those who have severe Covid-19.

Children are about to return to school, and the study is to give parents reassurance that their children will be safe when going back to the classroom.

They have now stressed the absolute risk to children being admitted to hospital is ‘tiny’ and the risk of needing critical care is ‘even tinier’.

The University of Liverpool has said:  ‘They should be confident that their children are not going to be put at direct harm by going back to school and we do know that they are harm by being kept away from school because of the lack of educational opportunities, and that’s affecting mental health.’

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