Strong currents sweep little girl out to sea on an inflatable unicorn

Strong currents have swept a small girl out to sea while she had been drifting in shallow waters by the beach on an inflatable giant unicorn.

The child, who is believed to be around just 4 (four) years old was playing in sight of people when strong currents carried her inflatable out to sea just off the coast of Antirro in Western Greece said a report from local media.

Her parents had released she had drifted out of their sight and immediately called port officials to help. They then radioed to a ferry that was running from Rio to Antirro.

In video footage taken by one of the passengers on the ferry you can see the moment the girl comes floating into view of the ship. The captain of the ship, Grigoris Karnesis, said that he was making his way to dock at the port in Antirro when he received the call from the port authorities.

He said he did not expect the girl to have been so small. He went on to say that he managed to position the ship so that it would not be a danger to the inflatable that the girl was on top of and that she was frozen with fear. He finished off by saying that due to his slow approach the ripples from the ship did not turn the unicorn over and they were able to rescue her, which he said went very well.

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