Spain sees man arrested for saying Spanish Prime Minister needs a shot to the back of the head to solve Coronavirus pandemic

Spain’s police have made an arrest of the countries Coronavirus social media denier who claimed the Spanish Prime Minister needed a bullet to the back of his head

The 38-year-old man has been on social media for months citing the Coronavirus pandemic a hoax and claimed the cure was “All this would be solved with a shot to the back of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s head,” he wrote via one of several anonymous social media accounts.

The police in Spain have arrested the protester and campaigner for claiming health professionals and the media were behind what he called the “COVID farce”, and urged his social media followers to attack politicians and journalists.

He would pose as a government official and the police said the suspect allegedly made calls to nursing homes, hospitals and football clubs to spread false information about the pandemic.

Police decided in Spain that the man was a threat to society and tracked him down to a location just outside Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon.

The arrest comes after Spain leads the highest infection rates in Europe and doesn’t seem to have the second wave of the deadly virus under control as the government continue to apply restrictions on its citizens as they battle placing the nation into a second lockdown period.

Many experts feel now that Spain reintroduced too much life back too soon, to the younger generation to which has caused the second wave of infections, to control that they have cancelled and closed nightlife clubs and bars again, although many feel they should never have reopened.

Dr Rupert Hayman, a doctor on Spain’s Costa del Sol is one of those who said: ” Too quick too soon, now we are seeing the effects and the spread, unfortunately, is now back on after being contained well”

” The younger generation does not fear the Coronavirus and that’s where the current issue lies,” he said.

” What the country of Spain doesn’t require though is demonstrators being in denial and spreading malicious claims of its non-existence to the younger generation, I can fully understand the arrest,” he said.



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