PC Andrew Harper's widow asks Boris Johnson for a retrial

The 3 evil killers of PC Andrew Harper received an incredible £465,000 in legal aid according to reports in the Daily Mail.

The huge sum was paid to the legal team who were defending the  teenagers who dragged the constable to his death behind a car for more than a mile.

PC Harper’s widow Lissie said she was ‘horrified’ by the figures, adding: ‘Not only did we not get justice for Andrew, we now know the cost of that injustice.’

Following the trial Mrs Harper has started a campaign for a change in the law that would see all those convicted of killing police officers being sentenced to life in prison without parole. A petition to support this has almost 500,000 signatures.

The three killers, all with long criminal records, showed no remorse after dragging PC Harper, 28, to his death during a police chase last August and were seen laughing and joking as they were lead away from court to serve their sentences.

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