Blaggers from the capital city of London have caused havoc and outrage in the famous village of Odcombe in Somerset United Kingdom

The quaint famous village of Odcombe that rests in the rolling hills of South Somerset England has seen traditional villagers outraged after blaggers staying in the village from London caused havoc with the trash cans at Odcombes recreation ground.

The historic “Odcombe Rec” that has seen some of the finest soccer achievements over the years in village football, with the likes of Eddie Ostler, Archie Rodber, Brian Lewis and many more plying their trade on the village pitch- before celebrating many a victory in the thatched-roofed local pub the Masons Arms, saw its trash cans come under siege by the London blaggers.

Yesterday morning (GMT) a villager was outraged as she found herself confronting one of the London blaggers, stuffing full the trash cans close to Odcombe’s famous soccer pitch as she described the experience on social media and questioned:

“Has anyone rented their property out this weekend to two families from London?”

“This lady emptied two full black bin bags into the public bin at Odcombe Recreation Ground”
The London Blagger Who Couldn’t Remember Where She Was Staying
“The lady said she was on a staycation in the village and there were no bins for them to put the rubbish out and she didn’t want to take smelly rubbish including nappies home with them, so she put it in the public bin”
“She was very annoyed to be approached and I have witnesses of the conversation- I asked her to stop what she was doing and when I asked for details of where she was staying she claimed she couldn’t remember.”
The posting came on the village social media group “Odcombe Matters” born generations before the likes of George Floyd’s death and the slogan ” Black Lives Matter” and residents of America’s favourite Somerset Village hit out, Deryl Anne Rennie stormed:
“So annoying and totally unsorted, I have checked and there is a wheels bin for the property which are currently on the road as two large cars are taking up all the off-road space”
” The problem is that when the playing field bins are full, people leave rubbish (trash) beside them and wind and foxes spread it everywhere”
As the shock waves ripped through the village at the behaviour of the London blaggers, word as it does in country Somerset life soon spread.
It became the one and only topic at the Mason Arms before reaching to the nearest town Yeovil where a rescue squad stepped into action.
The Iconic Masons Arms In Odcombe
A trash rescue vigilante squad,  known as “Team Yeovil Litter picking”, stepped straight into the action and swooped to the villages trash cans to clear the London blaggers trash.
An inside source at the Mason Arms told Global247news: ” My names Archie, sorry I can’t tell you my surname, my wife Mrs Rodber doesn’t like me talking to the press, but we are very grateful to Team Yeovil, they do a fantastic job, they are often on duty up here as tourists travelling to Ham Hill dump their trash on our highways and land”
Somerset’s Famous Ham Hill
” We don’t need outsiders coming here with their filthy habits, they often drive through and sling their trash as you Americans call it, out of car windows, well we aren’t having it” he finished.
A manhunt is now on for the property landlord in the village who allowed the blaggers from London to cause the havoc in the first instance whilst US citizens are appealing for their favourite Somerset village locals to catch him as the news spread across the pond.
Lower Odcombe

” Man we love Odcombe – it needs to be protected,” said Chuck Schwartz in downtown Detroit ” You can’t go trashing our favourite village, both the landlord and those London blaggers need to be caught and fast”

“My wife Sherie and I visit once every 5 years and hope to relocate their one day, it’s such a quaint beautiful village, I just love taking a cider down the Masons with the guys, real characters they are for sure”

Whilst the manhunt goes on, it’s reported as we go to press, no one has yet been caught.

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