Harry Maguire "feared for his life" during Greek arrest

After being arrested earlier this month by police officers on the Greek island of Mykonos, the English footballer said that he had “feared for his life”.

Following an altercation on the beautiful Greek island he was found guilty on Wednesday of repeated bodily harm, violence against employees and attempted bribery in a court hearing.

Police stated in court that the 27 year old football star, his brother and a friend, had verbally and physically attacked officers. After the incident Maguire seemed to backtrack and asked the officers in question if they knew who he was, and that he had a lot of money and could pay them off if they let them go.

Maguire was found guilty and received a suspended 21 month prison sentence, although he appealed against the ruling which means that, in the eyes of the law in Greece, the sentence has now to be annulled.

In his first interview since the incident, Maguire has told the BBC that the version of events the police described did not happen and that he felt he had no apologies to make.

He said that although he bitterly regrets the situation that they found themselves in, an apology is made when you have done something wrong, which he does not feel they did.

The incident itself occurred when his sister was injected with an unknown substance by two “Arabian” looking men which made her eyes roll and, fearing that it was a date rape drug, the fight started.

He said she was in and out of consciousness and kept fainting. It was after this that they were taken to a police station where officers in plain clothes attacked them. They say they did not know they were law enforcement as they officers were hitting them about the legs.

Maguire said his only thought was that they can’t be police and he tried to run away. Commenting on the upcoming appeal, the footballer added: “I have great faith in the Greek law and I hope the retrial will give us more time to prepare, gather the evidence, allow witnesses into the court and I’m really sure that the truth will be told and come out”.

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