"Fake news" attacks President Trump after he says Biden 'takes orders from liberal hypocrites who drive their cities into the ground and then flee'

President Donald Trump made the comment on Biden last night from the South Lawn of the White House last night in a star-studded and glitzy Republican patriotic display.

“Joe Biden is weak. He takes his marching orders from liberal hypocrites who drive their cities into the ground while fleeing far from the scene of the wreckage,” Mr. Trump said.

“He has pledged a $4 trillion tax hike on almost all American families, which will totally collapse our rapidly improving economy and once again record stock markets.”

As Trump gratefully accepted his acceptance as Republican nominee for the next Presidency, the liberal media – who Trump calls ‘fake news’ – continued to bash him and call him a liar by fact checking him.

CNN accused Trump of ‘attacking his opposition’ and when Trump questioned the democrat Obama administration for laying off workers and saying “They want their jobs back” CNN said Trump ‘lacked empathy.’

The Wall Street Journal accused Trump of ‘continuing to defend the police’ after more protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin after the police shooting of an African-American man.

Trump has continued to say that the democratic liberals ‘burn their own cities to the ground.’

“We have to give law enforcement, our police, back their power,” Trump said.

“They are afraid to act. They are afraid to lose their pension. They are afraid to lose their jobs, and by being afraid they are not able to do their jobs. And those who suffer most are the great people who they want so desperately to protect.”

CNN called Trump a ‘serial liar’ and said they counted more than 20 false, exaggerated or misleading claims from Trump on Thursday night.

CNN have continued to bash the President by laying his facts on the coronavirus against the ‘expert opinion’ of the World Health Organisation who Trump has distanced himself from and technically thrown out of America.

Trump continues to be blamed for the virus by the media and the American media continue to bring up the fact he hasn’t ‘produced a vaccine’ for a virus with a 99.96% survival rate of those who contract it.

The media also continued to pick at Trump’s supporters in crowds not wearing masks.

Mr. Trump framed the final weeks of the presidential race as a choice between the extreme policies offered by Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the “righteous heart of the American people.”

He warned that Mr. Biden would undo his trade agenda, take down sections of wall being built along the southern border and serve as a “Trojan horse for socialism.”

He concluded: “On Nov. 3, we will make America safer, we will make America stronger, we will make America prouder, and we will make America greater than ever before.”


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