Deportation to Spain Fails As Legal Appeals Are Lodged

British Home Secretary Priti Patel’s attempt to deport 23 cross-Channel migrants to Spain has failed after the deportation flight was stopped by a last-minute minute challenge by lawyers.

The aircraft was due to leave the UK yesterday morning, but had to be postponed whilst the legal appeals are considered by the courts.

The  British Home Office accused such legal claims of typically being ‘baseless and entirely without merit’.

The UK governing bodies had aimed to deport 23 migrants yesterday morning after checks on EU databases found they passed through Spain on their way to the UK.

The remarks come as the Home Office had no choice but to abandon- using a Dad’s Army-style video where it accused ‘activist lawyers’ of trying to disrupt the asylum system.

Simon Davis, president of the Law Society, said: ‘Attacks on the integrity of the legal profession undermine the rule of law. To describe lawyers who are upholding the law as ‘activist lawyers’ is misleading and dangerous.’

Ms Patel was understood to be furious that the planned deportation flight was halted.

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