Covid may be able to travel up drainpipes world health say

It comes after the virus was detected in an apartment in China which hadn’t been occupied for months.

This has now led to the fear that the virus can travel freely.

The virus was detected on surfaces of sinks, faucets, and shower handles in a bathroom in a 16th floor vacant apartment which was located right above an apartment unit where five people infected with coronavirus lived, according to the report that cited the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The possibility of aerosol transport through sewage pipe after flushing the toilet at the 15th-floor restroom was confirmed by an onsite tracer simulation experiment showing that aerosols were found in the restroom of apartments on the 25th floor and 27th floor,” the study authors stated in the published report.

The report suggests after the study that the coronavirus can be found in faeces and therefore can move with waste.

A similiar study previously done for SARS noted that faulty sewage pipes were responsible for sending virus-containing aerosols throughout the system in that outbreak and experts believe it is happening with the coronavirus.

The findings revealed aerosol particles were released in a cloud, potentially putting a person at risk.

“High concentrations of viral aerosols in building plumbing were drawn into apartment bathrooms through floor drains. The initial exposures occurred in these bathrooms. The virus-laden air was then transported by prevailing winds to adjacent buildings at Amoy Gardens, where additional exposures occurred,” the old report stated.

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