Britain to 'hopefully have corona vaccine by October' Ministers say

Downing Street have pledged their bid to have a vaccine for the coronavirus within the next two months.

World-leading scientists have said there is a ‘small but plausible’ hope of having mass vaccines rolled out.

A senior medical expert for the UK said: “The chances of having large volumes of vaccine this side of Christmas are small, but nevertheless it is plausible, at least for a couple of manufacturers that we are looking at.”

The UK is trying to follow in Russia’s footsteps by having a treatment available by backing research worldwide and have their fingers in four vaccine manufacturers which have promised jabs to the country.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, told the same publication “We are making progress in developing Covid-19 vaccines which we hope will be important in saving lives, protecting healthcare workers and returning to normal in future.

“If we develop effective vaccines, it’s important we make them available to patients as quickly as possible but only once strict safety standards have been met.”

Once a suitable vaccine is found, it will be ‘thoroughly tested’ before being set upon the population.

With Britain transitioning out of the EU after December 2020, they will need to find a new licence practitioner as the European Medicines Agency – which is licenced to admit medicine – will no longer be applicable.

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