Armed police called as schoolkids in Berlin, Germany barricaded inside their school

Kids at the Rummelsburg School in Berlin are still locked inside the school as police react to alarms set off.

The police are still trying to determine whether there has been an attack or a bomb threat or whether the alarm was innocently turned on.

A spokeswoman for the Berlin police said, “So far there has been no confirmation. We are on the scene with emergency services to get an overview of the situation.”

The kids were forced to barricade themselves into their classrooms as the alarm is investigated.

According to sources, the children look ‘visibly shaken’ at windows as armed police creep through the school grounds carrying sub-machine guns.

Some took to Twitter where one user said, “We are at school and we have barricaded ourselves in, can someone elaborate on the situation outside?”

Another said: “Well, I am in school too. It would be good if we got some information. We are sitting here and we don’t know why.”

In response to the panic, Berlin police tweeted, “Our colleagues are currently attending school and are making good progress. Be patient, stay in class,” before asking them to resist from tweeting again.

Fire engines have been called to the scene also with a spokesman saying : “The situation is still unclear.

“We, as a fire department, are in place with about 30 people and we guarantee medical attention.

“However, our intervention has not yet been needed.”

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