Youngsters being blamed for Spain's Covid case rise as police raid illegal house party with over 100 people in Spain's Torremolinos

The Spanish government confirmed those in the 15-34 age bracket make up for 49% of all coronavirus cases which have escalated rapidly setting new daily records all across the country in the last few weeks.

Botellons (outdoor street parties) and other socialising including nightclubbing has been to blame.

And last night in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, the Guardia Civil had to raid a house which had over 100 youngsters crowded together partying.

Party-goers continue to flaunt covid rules even though fines of up to 600,000 euros has been suggested for constant rule breakers.

The homeowner of the party, who was away in Costa Rica, may be subject to a fine of an undetermined amount.

The Andalusian government have stated that any gatherings of over 100 people can be subject to fines of between 60,000 to 600,000 euros in a bid to deter such huge amounts of people gathering illegally.

A nearby party was broken up on the beach of Torremolinos by police only just days earlier.

Neighbours called the police on the Eden Beach club after over 200 partiers were spotted drinking and playing music into the night.

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