Two British ISIS members who beheaded westerners say they are 'scared to death' of what awaits them in America once extradited

The two British men – who had their citizenships stripped after they joined ISIS – are currently being held in Iraq and are awaiting extradition to the United States where they face terrorism charges.

They were told this week they would be sent to the United States after the UK’s intelligence group mI5 said they would hand the Americans evidence of their crimes as long as they weren’t given the death penalty.

They were known to be apart of the notorious ‘Beatles cell’ – a 4 man jihadi gang nicknamed this because of their English accents.

The cell included Jihadi John, who butchered and beheaded westerners including British and American aid workers, before he was killed in an air strike.

And now the men named as Alexanda Kotey, 36, and El-Shafee el-Sheikh, 32  fear ‘Hell on Earth’ supermax prison that’s ‘fate worse than death penalty’ as they face life in a supermax prison.

The jail in Florence, Colorado is nicknamed the Alcatraz of the Rockies because there will be virtually no escape.

The prison is set high into the Rockie Mountains, thousands of metres above sea level with nothing in sight for miles.

And now the men, who have been held by Syrian and Iraqi forces since being captured in 2018, have spoken to the press about their fears of being extradited to the US.

Kotey, from Ladbroke Grove, West London, admitted he and el-Sheikh had pinned their hopes on being sent back to the UK, which has revoked their citizenship, to spend “some time in prison”.

When asked about being sent to America instead Kotey shook his head and said ‘the worst thing on Earth.’

His voice cracked as he said: “I would not want to spend time in a prison in the US. That would not be good.

“That would be the worst thing that could happen.”

“I have already served four years, maybe five. I was told I was in a kill or capture list after my name and picture was put out in the media. It has not been easy for me.

“Shafee was also asked about it too –he said he would not like to spend time in an American prison. No, that would not be good.”

The Americans say that the men are right to be afraid.

Former FBI director of prisons Norman Carlson once said the supermax was built “for a very small subset of the inmate population who show absolutely no concern for human life”.

A former British military intelligence officer said: “Justice in the States for Kotey and el-Sheikh will not be about rehabilitation, but serious punishment and revenge.

“Theirs will be a life of aching drudgery and boredom. The supermax strips away any comfort and distraction. It will be their worst nightmare.

“In many ways being locked up for the rest of your life in a featureless and excruciatingly monotonous place is for some people a fate worse than the death penalty.

“They will be staring at white walls penning them in, with very few personal belongings, access to the outside world and absolutely no choice about their movements from one minute to the next.”

The supermax prison in Colorado has never had an escape from it since being built in the 1980s.

The list of the 410 inmates held in Florence Supermax includes some of the most notorious and fanatical Islamist terrorists.

Shoe bomber Richard Reid, 47, from London, is serving three life sentences with no parole for trying to blow up a plane in 2001.

The preacher Abu Hamza, 62, once based in London, is also serving life with no parole for terrorism offences, including developing a terror training camp in Oregon and attacks in Yemen.

The two British men will be extradited from Iraq next week reports suggest.

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