Triple Family Killer Chris Watts In Colorado is said to be HAUNTED after slaying his wife and children

Family triple killer Chris Watts is said to be “haunted by what he did” to his pregnant wife and two young daughters as he brutally murdered them.

Watts, who was having an affair with a colleague from work, strangled his wife Shanann inside their bedroom as their daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three, watched as their father killed their mother.

He drove her body and his daughters to a site where he was employed, and then smothered the daughters in the back seat and dumped their bodies into oil tanks.

Two years on from the brutal murders, Watts, 35, is said to be “haunted” by memories of his wife and children while he serves out a life sentence without the possibility of parole at a maximum-security prison here in the US.

In the aftermath of the case, a number of experts have described Watts as a “narcissist” and “psychopath”, and it appears he is still focused on how his actions have affected him.

He has shown no remorse after killing his wife, two daughters and an unborn son that 34-year-old Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant with at the time of the gruesome murder.

A source at the Dodge jail in Waupun, Wisconsin, told that Watts is “hopeless” that anything in his life will ever change.

The source said: “He knows exactly what he did.

“He’s haunted by what he did. He says he can’t shake the memories of his family, and they haunt him.

“He is in his own psychological torment, every day of his life.”

Watts knows he “deserves” the punishment that was handed to him after he pleaded guilty to murder and other offences to avoid a possible death sentence.

It is said that he has found religion in prison and has put up photos of Shanann, Bella and Celeste in his jail cell.

He is reportedly in solitary confinement and only leaves his cell one hour a day for a shower and exercise.

In August 2018, he strangled Shanann at the family home in Frederick, Colorado, after she returned from a business trip.

Killer Father At Trial

The dad, who was cheating on his wife and wanted a life with his mistress, tried to smother Bella and Celeste with a pillow in their bedrooms before they witnessed him killing Shanann.

After killing his wife, Watts loaded her body into the back of his truck, placed the girls in the back seat and drove to an oil site where he worked.

He smothered the girls inside the truck and stuffed their bodies into oil tanks. He buried Shanann in a shallow grave.

Watts was jailed for life in November 2018 after striking a plea deal to avoid a possible death sentence.

After he was sentenced, he told the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in a jailhouse confession that Shanann “may have been” praying when he strangled her in their bedroom.

He said he drove her body to the worksite and buried it in a shallow grave as his daughters waited in the truck.

As he pulled her body from the truck, one of the girls asked, “What are you doing to mommy?”

He claimed Bella watched as he smothered Celeste and screamed “Daddy, no” before he killed her.

Watts had previously told Colorado authorities while in prison there that he speaks to photos of his family in his cell and reads a book out loud every night to the daughters he murdered.

After killing his family, Watts claimed they had vanished and even gave a bizarre TV interview saying they were missing.

The cold-blooded killer showed no signs of panic, lacked emotion as he begged for their safe return on TV and gave useless information and rambling statements to police, who quickly identified him as the killer.

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