Spain’s Coronavirus infection figures surge higher than the United States Of America

It comes as the country saw a surge of over 7,000 infections yesterday – with tourist favourites Benidorm and Majorca emerging as major hotspots.

The country’s infection curve has been rising steeply now for at least two weeks, with some 81,000 new infections recorded in fourteen days.

According to estimates by tracker Our World in Data, which is run by researchers at Oxford University, Spain has overtaken the United States in terms of its daily new number of confirmed coronavirus cases per million inhabitants.

The figures, collated from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and measured on a rolling seven-day average, show that Spain’s daily new confirmed cases per million people have reached 147.75 per million on August 25.

This is up from 49.20 cases per million on August 1 – illustrating the extent of the spread in the past month.

The US, by comparison, has seen its daily new confirmed cases per million fall to 128.01 for August 26 – despite the country having the highest number of infections in the world at 5,965,815.

At the beginning of August, the US was recording an average of 194 cases per million people, though new restrictions in hard-hit states have helped the country curb the spread of infection.

However, the US has a much larger population at 328.2 million people, while Spain has 46.94 million people.

The US has also tested far more people, with over 78 million tests carried out compared to Spain’s 8,517,446, Worldometer stats show.

According to the latest health data there had been 27 new hospitalisations in Spain in the last 24 hours and four admissions to ICU.

Spain’s Health ministry has been insisting in recent days that although the cases are rising, the current cases detected are milder and many asymptomatic.

This has been reflected in the rate of discharges yesterday – 247 in the last 24 hours.

Hard-hit regions also include tourist favourites such as Majorca and Ibiza, which have smashed their previous record for new daily coronavirus cases as 908 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours yesterday.

It comes as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called on the army to help deal with the escalating crisis.

Army called in by PM in Spain


Mr Sánchez warned the pandemic could “take control of our lives” again should the surge in cases continue into the Autumn.

In a televised address to the nation yesterday, Mr Sánchez said that 2,000 military personnel would be deployed to hard-hit regions to help carry out contract tracing measures.

It is hoped that the army will help support contact tracing measures in Spain’s badly hit regions, amidst ongoing criticism of the programme from the central government.

Officials at the Health Ministry have said that more than 60% of the new infections happen in social gatherings, including within families, making a robust tracing programme a necessity to track the spread of the virus in the community.

Spain’s 19 regional governments are responsible for public health policy within their areas but need to request permission to declare a localised state of emergency from the central government.

Mr Sánchez has urged regional governments to request emergency powers to deal with the escalating crisis, and pledged his support should they need to impose a local lockdown or other preventative measures.


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