Spain's Club La Costa on the Costa del Sol Gives Up On Winter And Returns Points

Club La Costa on Spain’s Costa del Sol has given up on the winter season as it starts to return points back to timeshare customers and cancels bookings

One of the largest timeshare operations on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Club La Costa, appears to have given up on winter trade as it starts returning points back to booked customers and cancelling clients bookings.

Customers of the timeshare complex that sits just outside of Spain’s Fuengirola, started emailing booked clients yesterday advising them that bookings were cancelled and the points used on a timeshare operation have been returned to use again.

It’s yet another blow for both British and Spanish traders on the Costa del Sol, that is now at the end of the peak season and the streets are empty of tourists.

Club La Costa Start Returning Points

” That’s all we need,” said Jamel stood outside his Mexican/Indian restaurant on the Paeso in Fuengirola, ” Club La Costa brings us a lot of winter trade normally, this is just yet another blow, today we have served one table all day and sold a takeaway pizza, there is no one here now at all really, I can’t see much being open this winter if the numbers continue like this,” he said.

Traders have had a financial disaster during the summer season but remain optimistic that the winter season, especially if quartine restrictions are lifted by the British government but with complexes like Club La Costa looking like they have given up on winter holidays, no doubt it will further dampen spirits.

It’s not just the timeshare operation that has decided winter is not worth opening for, many hotel organisations that normally remain open for the winter season are to remain closed this year, with a reported 30% in that train of thought.

Mark Sutherland of the Luna Bar in Los Boliches, told Global247news: ” It’s a tough time for sure but we must all remain positive, my plan is to get through winter and start the New Year afresh, let’s hope the restrictions applied to travel to Spain are lifted soon”



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