Police Station on Spain's Costa del Sol placed under LOCKDOWN in Fuengirola

A police station in Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol has itself been lockdown as its hit with COVID-19

Fuengirola’s national police station on Spain’s Costa del Sol has itself found itself closed as a civil servant has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The station will now remain closed until at least September the 8th as all staff enter quarantine for 14 days.

Local’s in the area are in fits of laughter as the police have been patrolling the town dishing out thousands of fines for disobeying regulations whilst it appears the police can’t keep their own house in order when it comes to battling the virus.

Benny Blatch and anti-establishment protester in the town said today: ” You couldn’t make it up could you? the plod have been out fining everyone for everything, whilst they can’t even keep the virus out the police station!” he chuckled.

“They have bee overzealous for months now, cash collecting, I call it, and here they are not even having their own house in order, it could only happen in Spain” he finished.

It comes at a time when hundreds of new residents are waiting to collect their residency from the police station as Brexit deadline looms, there has already been a large backlog and now with the station being out of order will not assist matters.

The police in the local area of Fuengirola are requesting patience whilst the station is disinfected and the staff go into self-isolation for 14 days.



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