Jet2 announce they are to further cancel flights to Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca until next review on September 12th whilst Balearic islands of Spain’s Mallorca & Ibiza are extended to 30th November

Jet2 have delivered another crushing blow to Spain’s economy by further cancelling flights and holiday packages up to the 30th November for some regions.

The company will reevaluate the situation again prior to September the 12th but it’s expected whilst Spain’s Coronavirus pandemic continues and spiralling that the mainland dates will be extended again further.

Meanwhile, Mallorca and Ibiza have been hit hard with all holidays and flights cancelled right up to the 30th November.

The latest batch of cancellations are as follows:

BALEARIC ISLANDS – Cancelled up to and including 30th November.
CANARY ISLANDS – Cancelled up to and including 12th September.
MAINLAND SPAIN- Cancelled up to and including 12th September.
CROATIA- Cancelled up to and including 13th September.
The airline is though offering customers a re-booking to Portugal as they step up flights and packages to Spain’s neighbour as travel agent Rian Rodber told Global247news today how the majority are making the switch to the Algarve.
She said: ” Phones are red hot today with this announcement as Jet2 further bail out on Spain, 80% of customers are taking the option of visiting Portugal’s Algarve rather than cancelling their holidays”
The further cancellations by Jet2 are a massive blow for the Spanish tourism industry and every business In that sector that relies on tourism to trade, Kevin Davies in Spain’s Benidorm, where he runs a British Bar said: “It’s just another kick in the guts watching everyone going to Portugal instead, I have been watching in the Benidorm groups on Social media and you can see all the people who normally come here, asking questions about the Algarve”
” Personally I think the flight and holiday cancellations will be further extended as Spain’s government can’t get the situation under control unlike the Portuguese – quite frankly they are killing Spain, its pathetic especially when a country like Spain relies on tourism so heavily, you would have thought they would have handled far better,” he said.


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