Is the owner of ill-famed Comet Ping Pong who called infants 'Retarded whores' apart of the Rothschild family?

The pizza parlour restaurant in Washington D.C has been apart of many conspiracy theories with some people saying it is a child trafficking centre.

Theories include children being sold to prominent businessmen and politicians through the restaurant with the Clinton family said to be members.

Hilary Clinton is known to be friends with the owner, James Alefantis, who said on television ‘Yes I have been to Comet Ping Pong. James does great pizza!’

However, pizza has been decoded by intelligence services as a paedophile code word for ‘child’ with ‘hot dog’ being code word for ‘young boy’ and cheese being ‘girl’.

In fact, former President Barrack Obama has caused outrage amongst ordinary citizens by ordering $60,000 worth of ‘pizza’ and ‘hot dogs’ with many saying that Obama was in on the horrific scandal during his reign as President.

People have even protested outside with placards saying ‘Real men don’t buy girls’ and Comet Ping Pong – the Clinton Foundation child trafficking centre!’

The Clinton Foundation are said to lock their smuggled children in the restaurants basement before being sold to buyers.

The foundation has been involved in scandals around child trafficking – none proven – after friend of the Clintons, a woman named Laura Silsby was convicted in Haiti in 2010 of trying to smuggle dozens of children off of the island through her charity.

Silsby was convicted and sentenced to 15 years but Bill Clinton had her sentence commuted to just a few weeks.

Then after three investigators were sent to the island – Dean Lorich, Monica Peterson and Klaus Erberwein – all three were murdered.

Images from Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram page did not help it’s cause of being a straight business with pictures of children on the walls being gagged and images of children being sexualised.

Another image on their page was a child photographed being tied up whilst she looks into the camera.

These images have now been removed since the conspiracy gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic and people took to social media to out the restaurant’s owner Alefantis.

Alefantis has also been quoted as calling infants ‘Retarded whores’ and lets bands perform at his restaurant who also use pedosexual imagery and lyrics.

But the questions which also get attention are; Who is James Alefantis and why is a man of his wealth and stature (Alefantis was named GC’s top most 50 powerful men in Washington DC in 2012) spending his time running a fairly average-looking pizza parlour in a suburban part of the north of the city and why is he always pictured hanging out with the world’s elites such as the Clintons and Bill Gates ?

It turns out that Alefantis, who is openly gay, is part of the Rothschild bloodline – the banking family who date back to 17th century Bavaria and are believed to be part of every major world event.

The Rothschilds are believed to have installed central banks in nations including the USA in 1913 and were also thought to have implemented the fall of the French, Russian and British Empires and caused the two world wars, all for financial and power gain.

It is said they control the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve and the World Health Organisation and financed both sides of all modern wars and revolutions.

With regards to Alefantis, his great grandfather was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild, an Army officer born in Buffalo, New York who was killed in 1917 during the Great War.

Two years before he died, his illegitimate son Louis George was born, and inherited the name of his mother as she nor Evelyn were married at the time.

Louis George Alefantis then married Helen Rappas, who then gave birth to two sons – one being Achilles Louis Alefantis who then grew up to have James Alefantis in 1974.

Even James middle name is Achilles in memory of not only his father but his great grandfather, a Rothschild.

His parents are often seen hanging with the Clintons and there is even an image of his father prodding Prince Phillip of the British Royal family in the chest whilst speaking at a party – showing his power and stature.

James’ uncle and aunt – Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild – are also pictured and seen in the company of royal families and the Clintons.

So, are we to believe that our great leaders enjoy Alefantis’ pizza and questionable art?

Is this why Hilary Clinton deleted 30,000 emails with code words being used for pizza, emails she sent to John Podesta?

Comet Ping Pong have deleted most of their Instagram images that were previously up at the start of 2020 and haven’t replied to any questions except for a Washington Post article where the media outlet brushed ‘Pizzagate’ under the carpet with Rolling Stone calling it a ‘fake news scandal.’



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