In Spain's Marbella AK-47 and ammunition found in briefcase of taxi passenger in Costa Del Sol

A man who was carrying an AK- 47 in a briefcase and 64 rounds of ammunition was arrested by Marbella police.

After ditching his car and losing police officers that were following him, the young Spanish man returned home in a taxi.

Local Police patrol that was carrying out surveillance work around 3.30 am in the vicinity of the La Ermita industrial estate. They decided to stop the vehicle however the drive drove off towards Malaga and ignored their request.

The vehicle registration had already been recorded by officers therefore they could identify the driver in order to search his home.

After finishing their search, the guy pulled up in a taxi outside. They discovered the brief case in his hand, and found an Ak-47 and 64 cartridges for the assault rifle. The man was arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

An investigation has now been open by officers.

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