Hazmat officials board Ryanair flight at Stansted and drag off COVID-infected passenger who broke quarantine

Officials boarded a Ryanair plane at Stansted to remove a passenger who took his seat after receiving a text saying he had tested positive for coronavirus before boarding.

Leaving holidaymakers horrified, minutes before the plane was due to take off the passenger and his travel companion were taken off the plane.

According to Flight Radar, their seats and the overhead cabin bins were then disinfected, before the plane was allowed to fly to Pisa one hour and 40 minutes behind schedule.

Ryanair said in a statment: ‘They were both wearing masks at all times at Stansted Airport,’

‘and for a very short period (less than ten minutes) they were seated on the aircraft prior to departure’.

‘There was little if any risk of coronavirus transmission to other passengers or crew members as all of whom were also wearing face masks at all times.’

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