Spain’s Supersol supermarkets have been bought up by French retailer carrefour with the majority of stores on the Costa del Sol & Madrid

Carrefour announced today, Thursday that the stores and supermarkets being acquired were mainly in Andalusia and the Madrid region, and that they had posted net sales of around 450 million euros in 2019.

The purchase sees 172 stores in total snapped up in a deal worth 78 million euros.

Supersol supermarkets have been very prominent on the Costa del Sol for years and regarded highly by tourists when visiting the area, to which the French retailer feels the purchase will further enhance their supermarket portfolio in Spain.

Supersol customers on Spain’s Costa del Sol though are not impressed by the deal as they told Global247news¬†today upon hearing the announcement.

“We already have enough Carrefours in the region anyway, we don’t need more, I just hope that Supersol remains the same and not rebranded, if I want to go to Carrefour I already have that option in several locations, I don’t like them much they remind me of Walmart in the US, taking over everything and bland, whereas with Supersol they have great products and ambience whilst you shop,” said shopper Dawn Riley in Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.

“I’m not a carrefour fan personally, but I guess it’s the sign of the times, these huge hypermarkets wanting more and more market share, I guess it’s a good move for the business although it’s not such a good move for us Supersol shoppers,” said Michael Morris who shops daily in Supersol in Benalmadena.


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