Video shows 'genius baby' from UK talking at eight weeks old

Charlie-John Taylor-Mullington left his parents in awe when he said ‘Hello’ to his dad at just eight weeks old.

Videos of Charlie-John have been circulating on social media as he beams into the camera and says the words.

He repeatedly says the word over and over and his parents now believe he could be the youngest baby to ever speak.

The family, from Willaston in Merseyside, said their two year old daughter Lottie also said her first words early – despite being at the relatively older age of six months.

Mum Caroline said: “It was magical. We had tears in our eyes. We were just in utter shock!

“My husband Nick had Charlie in his arms and was just saying ‘hello’ slowly to him. I think he loves Nick’s deep voice.

“Charlie was saying ‘hello’ back a few times and we just decided to film it as we couldn’t believe he was really talking.”

Experts say that on average, most babies learn to say their first words between the ages of 12-18 months.

Caroline said: “We had no idea of how quickly babies learn to speak when we had Lottie as we didn’t have any other children to compare her progress too.

“When Charlie started speaking, we knew it was mega soon for him and definitely rare!

“Lottie absolutely adores her little brother. We’re so proud of our kids. It’s amazing having the pair of them.

Caroline continued: “We keep watching the video of Charlie all the time – it makes us feel so proud and we have a strong bond with him so early. He has so many traits already and he’s a real smiler too!”

Father Nick added: “It was a shock, to say the least!

“I just had Charlie in my arms and he was responding to my voice – he looked up at me closely and then copied me. We couldn’t believe what had just happened. I’m one proud daddy!”

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