Mystery surrounds man who stands at the side of a road waving at cars with a bag on his head

Drivers using a busy A road in Somerset have been thrown in to confusion by the sight of a man who stands by the side of the road with a paper bag over his head and waves at their cars.

The man, who is not known, stood on the A37 near Farrington Gurney, Somerset, on Saturday afternoon. Drivers noticed that he was wearing a blue jacket and trousers and that the paper bag covering his head had eye holes cut out in it.

One passer by took a photograph of the bizarre spectacle, saying that she thought it was “hilarious”. Many other people commented on the photo when it was posted to social media.

One Twitter user, Scot Ramsay, said “It’s all going on in Somerset. Man seen on A37 with bag on head waving at motorists”. Another, known as @PolicyRobUk, said “Britian. You’re still magnificent. Never change”.The lady who initially took the photograph, Amanda Hughes, said ”
“I was shocked at first as I wasn’t expecting it and thought it was hilarious. Good for him – I wouldn’t have the guts to do it myself.”
One person’s comment was “Someone has to have a sense of humour. 2020 needs one”!!

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