Harry Maguire "feared for his life" during Greek arrest

A prosecutor representing the Greek policemen Harry Maguire was found guilty of attacking has said the footballer’s conviction could be overturned if he apologises.

Harry Maguire’s sister Daisy, had not said anything about being drugged by Albanians when interviewed by the police according to Yoannis Paradissis.

It was claimed in court, in Harry’s defence that  he, his brother and a friend had gone to the aid of Daisy, who fainted on a night out in Mykonos after being injected with a date-rape drug by ‘two Albanians’ they did not know, who then fled.

After being given a 21 month suspended sentence, Maguire immediately instructed his lawyers to appeal.

Mr Paradissis, who represented the police officers in court yesterday, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘The appeal process in Greece is a retrial, the trial starts afresh.

‘So obviously if, I believe there is still time for the three defendants to say they are sorry, and then I believe that the outcome might be different.

‘Under Greek law you can withdraw some accusations regarding non-aggravated bodily harm and concerning the verbal assault, the insults that were shouted at the policemen.’

Mr Paradissis was then asked by radio presenters if the police would accept this, he then said: ‘Well I don’t know, but they told me they are still waiting for an apology and they haven’t heard any.

‘And this is what I find quite shocking and quite unsportmanship (sic), because fair play means when I’ve done something wrong, I apologise or at least I say I’m sorry for what happened to the other person.’

He added:

‘No one from the Maguire family was heard. We still haven’t heard his position, what happened, because I’m representing some policemen that have been hit, they have injuries.

‘We have the three defendants, they say they are not guilty, but on the other side they don’t explain how these injuries were made.’

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