Falklands War flagship HMS Hermes to be scrapped and turned into motorcycles

The ship – which served in the Falklands War of 1982 – is to be scrapped in India, the Ministry of Defence confirms.

Her Majesty’s Ship Hermes had been in service since 1959 and has served under many campaigns before retiring in 1984.

She was an iconic image during the Falklands War with images of helicopters and Harrier jets taking off from the ship.

She was also the scene of the tragic helicopter crash in 1962 off of St David’s head in Wales which killed Member of Parliament Lord Windlesham.

The helicopter was flying back to HMS Hermes when it crashed killing Windlesham and an RAF officer.

Hermes was retired to the Indian military who kept her in service until 2017, where she is now to be retired and scrapped.

The ship is to be sold for £5.1million as scrap to the Shree Ram Group at Asia’s largest ship scrapyard in Alang, Gujarat state where she will be most likely be turned into parts for motorbikes.

‘Once the ship docks at Alang, it will take us around 9-12 months to dismantle it and then we shall sell it as scrap to recover the cost,’ Shree Ram Group chairman Mukesh Patel told AFP.

‘We have been approached by two motorcycle makers for using the steel from the warship to build bikes… But nothing has been finalised yet,’ he said.

At the time of her decommissioning, the vessel had sailed more than 700,000 miles, roughly equivalent to 28 times around the globe.



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