Basketball analysts Stephen A. Smith says "So what?" after racism towards white player - says it is not the same as racism towards a black player

The comments come after NBA basketball player Montrezl Harrell called Luka Doncic a ‘Pussy ass white boy!’ during a playoff game this week.

When asked on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ – a basketball show featuring analysts and guests – if it’s fair Harrell should be ‘let off the hook’  African-American Stephen A. Smith said “I believe it is (fair). You’re in the heat of competition. He apologised, he manned up.

When asked about people saying it’s a double standard and if it happened the other way around there would be outrage Smith said “So what?”

“When you consider the inequities taken place throughout American history, as it pertains to the treatment of black men, there is no question that to some degree there is going to be a double standard.

“And in some degree the reactions are not going to be the same because the light of your pigmentation has been in this country for centuries and the better you have been treated in comparison to those of darker pigmentation.”

Though Doncic – who was the beneficiary of the racial slur – is from Slovenia and not involved in American history, Smith points out that it doesn’t matter as ‘the light of his pigmentation has had it better than darker people.’

Max Kellerman – another ESPN analyst on the show and who is a white man – then goes on to say that ‘people are stupid if you cannot see that you (white people) have been given a head start in life, but want to complain.’

“I’ve been called ‘white boy’ many times in life,” said Kellerman. “I don’t complain!”

However, people took to social media to voice their outrage.

‘Dudes hooping out here with the word “EQUALITY” on their backs and SAS (Stephen A. Smith) giving excuses for double standards’ said one user on Youtube.

Another said, ‘You can’t simultaneously claim to care about equality, then proceed to treat people differently based on the colour of their skin. I wasn’t offended at all but what Harrell said but everyone knows that if the races were reversed and Luka said “black boy,” Luka would’ve been banned from the NBA, lost all sponsorships, and there’d be (even more) riots in the streets. You’re either for or against racism. Can’t pick and choose when it suits your agenda.’

‘They act like Luka contributed to American oppression. HE’S NOT EVEN FROM HERE.’ said another user.

Harrell – a 6’7 forward for the Los Angeles Clippers – apologised to Doncic before their Game 4 playoff game two nights ago which prompted the discussion on ESPN.

The two players were seen shaking hands and hugging and talking before tip off.

Luka Doncic, 21, – who played for Real Madrid and won the EuroLeague MVP and trophy before joining the NBA – has already broken numerous records of Michael Jordan in his first year as an NBA player and looks set to be a future ‘Hall of Famer’ a group for the best of the best.


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