Spanish restaurant on Spain's Costa Blanca refuses to pay fines for feeding the needy during lockdown

A Spanish restaurant owner on Spain’s Costa Blanca and his volunteers are refusing to pay fines issued by the police for feeding the needy during Spain’s lockdown

A restaurant in Spain’s Valencia collected a whopping 4,200 euro fines issued by the states police during the national lockdown period in Spain.

The business owned by a Javier Márquez, first received two fines of €600 from the Local Police of Valencia, and then a third that amounted to €3,000 for giving food to those “without resources”

The business owner defends his operation saying it was covered under a legal text (RD 463/20, article 10 section 4) which says “hotel and restaurant activities are suspended, and only home delivery services can be provided”.

He has told the Spanish media that he had distributed the food through two associations, Brúfol and Espai Veïnal Cabanyal, and that his restaurant only remained open to prepare meals and as a collection centre “without violating any rule”.

“One person from each family came, keeping a safe distance. All of us wore protection,” said Márquez, claiming police officers said they would do everything possible “to close us down”.

Spanish citizens have been plagued by Spanish police during and after the pandemic lockdown period in Spain, with many citizens claiming the police have been overzealous in issuing of fines for many offences ranging from smoking in the street to not wearing face masks properly whilst some claim the fines are being issued to build up finances to support the national and local police service costs.

“I’m glad he’s refusing to pay,” said John Burton in Valencia,  “The cops will fine anyone anywhere at the moment and many think it’s just to add financial coffers to the authorities, some of the fines dished out of late have been ridiculous”

“It’s good to see a stance” John finished.



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