Spain's Valencia community raise €1,000 for elderly woman after crime

The CCTV footage of the woman being beaten and robbed last week in an apartment hallway went viral leading to groups to muster up the money.

Internet forum ForoCoches got members to donate after images and videos surfaced of the elderly lady being beaten by a man in Valencia.

It only took a few hours for the sum of €1,000 to be reached and the woman was informed whilst in hospital recovering.

“We have delivered the bouquet and €1,000! From the thousands of Foroches fans, we hope you feel well and recover soon, a big hug,” said ForoCoches on Twitter.

In a happy return video the lady who is in her 80s said: “Thank you very much to all those who have been involved. You are all very nice, I thank you and I love you all.”

A Romanian man in his thirties was arrested following the incident and is being charged for aggravated assault and robbery.

Her stolen purse had contained €40 (£36), credit cards and the woman’s identification card, Valencia police said.

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