Senior officer backs police for breaking up children's birthday party

Officers from the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were called to a home in Swinton after reports that social distancing rules were not being adhered to.

Three different families were gathered in the garden of the home to celebrate a child’s birthday. They have now been accused of using heavy handed tactics after they surveyed the situation and issued a fixed penalty notice.

A senior officer for the GMP, Ian Hopkins, said that the officers had noted that the party was still going on after 8pm and that this area has extra restrictions to stop families socialising together.

Mr Hopkins said that the party mainly consisted of adults and it wasn’t a normal kids party with jelly and ice cream and 3 and 4 year olds running about playing games.

His officers issued the fixed penalty notice based on what they had seen. The GMP have attended 126 incidents over the weekend and issued 19 fines. Mr Hopkins finished off by saying that the GMP were now spending an extra £100,000 a week on trying to police the COVID-19 restrictions.

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