Neath flooded out by Storm Francis in South Wales as emergency services rescue motorists

Neath in South Wales has been flooded out by Storm Francis as emergency services rescue stranded motorists

Emergency services have been deployed in the town of Neath after it was battered this morning by Storm Francis.

Motorists became stuck as the devastating storm took grip and turned roads into fully blown rivers with drivers trapped in their cars.

Fire crews have been deployed to rescue motorists who found themselves suddenly submerged in dirty stormwater that has lashed the town just outside of Swansea.

Flooded Milland Road

Local resident Paul John told Global247news what took place after being rescued himself by a fire crew.

John said: “Wow it came from nowhere, one minute it was a road with large puddles and before you knew it, it became a fast-flowing river, I was driving down Milland Road and could feel my car starting to float, it was a scary experience,” said the 53-year-old.

“You don’t expect this in August that’s for sure, especially here in Neath, I’ve now all the hassle of calling the insurance company as I think my car is going to be a write-off, but I can’t praise the emergency services enough” he finished.

Further storm weather is expected across South Wales today and emergency services are requesting everyone to stay home today where possible.


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