Mayor of Costa Blanca's Almoradi slams those breaking self-isolation as cause for rise in Covid-19 cases

Almoradi Mayor Maria Gomez said those who are awaiting test results are the cause of cases surging as they break lockdown rules.

Almoradi, near Torrevieja, has seen a recent rise in outbreaks aswell as in neighbouring towns of Alcoy, Villena and Alicante.

The whole of Costa Blanca has seen 97 cases in the last 48 hours and Mayor Gomez attributes this to those not self-isolating when they should, as she said is witnessed in her town.

Four cases have been detected here in the last 48 hours.

Ms Gomez said: “We are worried that we are coming across residents that have been in contact with Covid-19 suffered but are not self-isolating as they await the result of their PCR tests.”

Mayor Gomez and her fellow counterpart of neighbouring Los Montesinos, Mayor Jose Butron, have pleaded for people to stay home whilst awaiting results of their PCR tests.

Mayor Butron said that three recent cases of Covid-19 detected in Los Montesinos was from one single family.

Ten patients are currently in intensive care on the Costa Blanca.


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