Iraqi man shouts 'you'll all die' whilst ramming cars on Autobahn in Berlin

Six people were injured in the attack after an Iraqi National – who has been named only as ‘Sarmad A’ – rammed his car into motorcyclists and other vehicles.

The 30 year old even posed for pictures with the car he would use in a hope to kill as many people as he could.

Three of the wounded were severely hurt when the man allegedly drove his Opel Astra into a number of motorbikes, some of which collided with cars, along a stretch of the German capital’s highway.

Once police pulled Sarmad A other he shouted ‘no one comes any closer, I have a bomb.’

Sarmad A then rolled out a prayer mat on the road and knelt down to pray which let armed police get closer and finally arrest him.

Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, said: “The man is suspected of having deliberately hunted down motorcycles.”

Three of the six injured were injured severely and are fighting for their lives including a German fireman.

Sarmad A is being investigated and faces charges of attempted murder.

His identity hasn’t been released yet due to Germany’s strict privacy laws.

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