International hitman arrested in Spain's Barcelona for Montenegro killing

A hitman who has been on the run for four years for murder in Europe was finally apprehended in Barcelona.

The man, who has been reported to be a Bosnian national, was arrested after entering Barcelona on 22nd of August.

He was scanned coming in through immigration and was on an International Arrest Warrant and was traced to a hotel in the Catalan capital when armed police raided it.

The warrant dates back to the killing of a man in Dobrota, Montenegro in 2016.

It has been reported by police to be a gangland killing where he and another accomplice shot the victim several times whilst he sat in a car.

The hitman is also thought to be apart of the feared Skaljari crime group.

Alarmingly, the man was able to come and go from Spain over the years since the shooting, evading detection by using fake names.

If convicted, the hitman faces life imprisonment in Montenegro.



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