Brits returning from Gibraltar must isolate as easyJet took them to Spain after a flight delay

Brit’s returning to the UK are furious after they face 14-day quarantine on return home from Gibraltar as budget airline stuck them in a hotel over the border in Spain due to a flight delay.

Easyjet customers are furious after selecting Gibraltar rather than Spain for a holiday destination to avoid quarantine conditions on return.

At the end of their holiday on “Britain in the sun”, they headed to Gibraltar airport to make their way home from the rock that remains on the UK government safe list, unlike coronavirus effected neighbour Spain.

Although as they arrived for their flight, airline staff advised their flight was delayed overnight and that all hotel rooms were full-on the rock and that they had 2 choices, sleep rough in the airport, or take a supplied hotel in Cadiz in Spain, that has a rising number of Coronavirus infections, as well as off the “safe list”  which would mean fliers would have to quarantine on return as they have entered Spanish soil.

Darren Quinn from Yeovil Somerset told Global247news of the dilemma, as he said:

” After we cancelled our trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol due to the quarantine restrictions, we selected Gib, it looked safe and wasn’t affected by quarantine regulations on return”

” After a delightful stay on the rock, where we thought it was better than Spain after all, we headed to the airport to be told due to weather conditions the flight was delayed overnight, we were offered 2 things, stay in the airport or take a bus to Cadiz, the one option of sleeping rough in the airport meant we could avoid 14-day quarantine on our return, going to Cadiz meant we would have too, we took the choice to stick it out, although 80 odd people went to Cadiz”

“I simply couldn’t take the time off, needing to return to my business at home on return, we had no choice, but I was amazed that we had to leave the airport and ended up sitting in a bus shelter with my wife and two kids”

” What was more amazing when the flight eventually took off, we were sat on board with 80 bussed back passengers from Cadiz, who didn’t wear masks the full time all the way home!”

An EasyJet spokesman said: “We tried to provide as many hotel rooms in Gibraltar as possible.

“However, due to a shortage, it was not possible to provide these for all customers. We offered accommodation in Spain for those who wanted it.”


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