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Paedophile Mark Bowen who was extradited from Spain’s Benidorm on the Costa Blanca has been handed down a light sentence and escapes jail time

Mark Bowen, from Caerphilly in South Wales went on the run to Spain’s Costa Blanca when he hid out in Benidorm after being arrested in Wales.

Bowen was arrested in Wales for having a video on his phone of a 12-year-old boy being raped, the Welsh police force after raiding his home, released the offender on bail pending further investigations in 2017, but just  3 months later in 2018, Bowen was on his toes to Spain’s Benidorm.

After a European Arrest Warrant was issued the defendant was arrested in Benidorm on April 8 by Spanish National Police after a tip-off to his location.

Bowen spent three months in a Spanish jail before he was flown back to the UK last month to face trial to where the defendant pleaded guilty.

Offender Bowen of Lon Fawr, Bondfield Park, Caerphilly, pleaded guilty to the possession of an indecent category A video of a child.

He also admitted the possession of an indecent category C imaged of a child.

Although Judge Richard Williams sentenced him only to a 24-month community order and he must complete 29 sessions of the Horizon sex offender programme.

Bowen must register as a sex offender for five years and was ordered to pay a surcharge.

The light sentence has not gone down well we the residents of either Benidorm or Bowen’s home town in Caerphilly.

” How can a nonce with videos on a 12-year-old boy getting raped only get a community order? – hey, this fella also went on the run, he gets nothing for that? – the laws an ass back in the UK, no wonder these sicko’s think they can get away with it, at least we got him out of Benidorm” said Frank Hargreaves who had been following the case.

Simon Proctor, in Caerphilly, who went to school with the sex case, told Global247news:

” He was always a wrong un, everyone in School knew that and it was only a matter of time he was exposed as a Paedo, although the sentence is a joke, a community order? – if he gets seen in the community around here, he will get a good leathering I’m sure, we don’t like his type in our town”


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