Tesco creates 16000 new full time jobs

Due to a huge growth in it’s online business since the coronavrus lockdown, Tesco has now announced that it is creating 16,000 new permanent positions within it’s retail trade.

The company said that these are in addition to the 4,000 already created since the start of the lockdown. Supermarkets in general seem to have been boosted by the pandemic, with more and more people shopping both online and in person.

Of the new positions created, 10,000 will be “pickers” who will work to create deliveries from the online sales and 3,000 delivery drivers. Other roles will be available both in distribution centres and stores.

One of the biggest chains of supermarkets, Tesco have said that these new positions will be offered firstly to the temporary staff who joined them during the lockdown period and, after these, they will advertise externally.

Tesco CEO, Jason Tarry, said that since the beginning of the pandemic, their staff have enabled them to double their online capacity, serving around 1.5 million customers per week. He went on to say that the new positions will enable the company to carry on meeting demand from online shoppers and will create permanent jobs for 16,000 people from all across the country.

Supermarkets in general have seen huge growth during the pandemic, with the retail sector growing by 16.9% from mid April to mid July. It’s expansion is the fastest growing since records began.

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