Spain's Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol sees girls BEATEN with a security baton for allowing a face mask to slip

Girls beaten with a security baton for allowing their face masks to slip at a Spanish train station on the Costa del Sol

Two young girls have been beaten by a Renfe security guard wielding her security baton for allowing their security mask to slip whilst chasing a train.

The action which was caught on mobile film footage shows the overzealous security guard taking extreme action by pulling out he baton and aggressively beating the girls.

An eye witness who informed the Global247news desk of the unsavoury incident described what took place, as he said:

” The two girls had just purchased tickets and were about to board the train which was just arriving. Whilst running the mask of the younger girl slipped down. The guard stopped her and was lecturing her on how she had the wrong type of mask on if it’s loose. The girl in question said no problem she will adjust it on the train which by now was about to depart. Whilst attempting to board, the guard refused them saying she wouldn’t do it if she got aboard, and to adjust it in front of her, knowing she would miss the train. Obviously angered, she tried to board and the guard grabbed her violently from behind nearly putting her on the floor, that’s when her friend stepped in and the resulting scuffle took place. She never pulled her mask off on purpose.”

“For the record, there are no police involved or investigation, perhaps one on the part of Renfe with the guard, the girls are making their own denuncias and the girl’s arm was hurt quite badly but not broken, buts she’s ok,” he informed.
He then questioned:
“Was she right or wrong to board the train? I don’t know, think l would have done the same. As if this COVID isn’t bad enough, l feel it’s just created more power to already overzealous jobsworths. Sounds like it could of all been avoided, with a bit of benefit of the doubt on the guards part, but sure others will still beg to differ.”
The incident of the beating tool place at Los Boliches station near Fuengirola in Spain which normally is a quiet station during normal times on a single-track operation.
All trains have a security guard on board in Spain, armed with a “nightstick” baton and sometimes on platforms.
View the footage below.

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Posted by Lagarder Danciu on Friday, 7 August 2020

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