Spain's Costa del Sol hotel association says around 30 per cent of hotels that usually stay open throughout the year will have to close after the summer.

Spain’s Costa del Sol hotel association have said 30% of hotels will close this winter that normally remain open

Costa del Sol hotel association Aehcos says around 30 per cent of hotels that usually stay open throughout the year will have to close after the summer due to lack of occupancy.

Miguel Sanchez, the owner of the MS Hoteles chain, told the press: “The bulk of tourist activity finished yesterday and 40 per cent occupancy hasn’t been reached.

“In our case, we normally keep five hotels open and shut one, but in the current circumstances we are planning on closing all of them.”

Aehcos president Luis Callejon Sune warned when the first effects of the Covid-19 crisis began to be felt in March: “The consequences of this situation are the same as a war.”

The following month, before the UK’s decision to remove Spain from its safe list, he warned 25 per cent of Malaga’s hotels faced going out of business.

The hotel business has been a total disaster in Spain this year with some not even opening for the summer season, let alone for visitors in the winter, despite temperatures still remaining in the mid-’20s

Spain’s Costa del Sol is set to crumble financially after a disastrous summer season as the region has been ostracised by regulations from its own governors as well as those overseas.

“Costa del Sol is washed up financially and will become desolate during the winter period as more and more businesses close up for good, bars are up for sell everywhere with reductions as high as 70% knocking thousands off asking prices, others are just closing up and closing not even attempting a sale as they run out of cash,” said business finance analyst Stephen Williams.

“It is not just the hospitality business either that will be affected, it will have a knock-on effect as other businesses that rely on the businesses that supply the tourists will also suffer hardship, advertising just one example, there are many more too, the bottom line is if the bodies aren’t on the ground, then there is no business, no business, no cash in the cycle and it’s quite frankly end of the sport for a long time on the Costa del Sol” he warned.


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