Police raid party in Peru nightclub with more than a dozen killed in the crush

As party goers were fleeing from a nightclub in Lima, Peru, more than a dozen were killed by either being crushed or asphyxiated.

The incident happened as police were raiding the illegal party due to corona virus laws being flouted. According to a statement from the public prosecutors office, of the 13 people that died 11 had tested positive for COVID-19.

Another 23 people were arrested on Saturday night as police broke up the gathering and 15 of those also tested positive. Six others were injured, including three police officers, as around 120 party goers were trying to flee from the Thomas Restobar club in the Los Olivos district of Lima late on Saturday night.

The crowd had become trapped between the only entrance door and a staircase leading to the street officials said. Peruvian officials had ordered the closure of nightclubs back in March and a Sunday curfew is also in place across the country.

The nightclub’s owners, a married couple, have been detained for questioning although the representatives for the club have been unavailable for comment. The 60 police officers who participated in the raid were also being tested for coronavirus, officials said.

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