Police looking into illegal raves as Notting Hill carnival is cancelled

As news breaks that this year’s Notting Hill carnival has been cancelled, police are investigating dozens of illegal raves that could take place instead.

They are using social media sites to try and stop people from organizing these parties as they fear huge spikes in the coronavirus will arise. Metropolitan Police have received information that around 40 illegal music events have been planned to replace the carnival, according to a daily newspaper.

However, the problem not only lies in the capital city as police up and down the country have been working tirelessly to stop these unlicensed music events.

On Saturday officers closed down approximately 70 parties in the Birmingham area alone. Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Ken Marsh, said the force is “highly concerned” regarding the intelligence they have received about these events being held over the coming few days and went on to say that they now know of 35 events being held to replace the carnival all across London.

His main worry is that it will be unstoppable and that officers will be in the line of fire with violence occurring should they try and stop them. Since the end of June in London alone, the police have been called to over 1,000 such events that have gone against social distancing.

It will be all hands on deck for this coming Bank Holiday weekend with forces across the country working to try and stop illegal parties from springing up, but the problem remains that people are creating private events on social media, such as Facebook, where only the invited can see the details. Organizers have been warned though that there will be a definite risk of prosecution and equipment will be taken off of them.

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