Covid-19 Spain: Record breaking numbers in the country as highest infection rate in one weekend since records began

1,074,000 jobs in Spain have been lost in the second quarter of the year Madrid reports.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic official statistics state that a total of 1.35 million jobs have been lost.

The 1.074 million jobs lost is the biggest quarterly loss since records began all the way back in 1976.

To put this into perspective, 770,899 jobs were lost in one quarter after the world financial meltdown in 2009 – the biggest economic crash since 1929.

285,000 people lost their jobs  in the first three months of 2020 as the pandemic took it’s toll.

And over a million lost their jobs in the second quarter of 2020 as the state of alarm and lockdown took it’s toll.

Over 80% of these jobs were in the service sector – mainly tourism – which Spain relies heavily on.

According to Eurostat’s figures, Spain now has the highest unemployment rate in Europe, even ahead of Greece with 15.6% to 15.5%.


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