New death threat as deadly mosquitoes from Africa fly to Spain infecting people and animals in Andalucia

The virus known as the West Nile virus is the largest ever recorded in the region of Andalucia.

40 people in Seville have been infected with the disease, killing two.

23 are currently in intensive care according to the Andalusia health ministry.

The virus has also infected 19 horses currently.

The airborne virus is usually transmitted to birds from mosquitoes who then migrate to Europe.

The virus was discovered in Uganda in 1937 and was first detected in North America in 1999.

The West Nile Virus has been reported in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.

In the United States thousands of cases are reported a year, with most occurring in August and September.

The diseases hasn’t been detected for a number of years but has now been found all across southern Spain.


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