First person charged by police for not wearing a mask

Police in Denmark arrested the first person in the country for refusing to comply with new rules mandating face masks on public transport.

The incident happened on Saturday night in Odense 100km west of Copenhagen.

A 24 year old man was arrested just after 9.15pm outside the city’s train station after rail staff called the police.

“We got a message that they were having problems with someone who would not wear a face mask at the railway station. They reprimand him several times, but he would not put it on,” Hans Jørgen Larsen, a duty officer at Funen Police, told reporters.

“When we arrived, our officer on the scene also asked him to put a mask on, but again he refused.”

After several attempts to convince the man to wear a mask, the officer charged the man.

He is likely to receive a fine of 2,500 Danish kroner in compliance with Danish regulations.

DSB’s information manager, Tony Bispeskov, said that compliance with the rule had improved throughout Saturday after the man was charged.

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